In 2013 we decided to add sheep to our farm system. After some research we settled on the Dorper primarily as they're a good meat breed, and they shed their coat each summer so do not require shearing (yay!)

We currently have a small herd of one ram/2 ewes which seems to be about the right amount for the space we have allocated to the sheep.

The first few years with new animals on the farm is always a huge learning curve and our first breeding season in Spring 2014 bought us a multiple birth (triplets) and a bottle fed lamb. This year we have had 2 sets of twins, one of which we are bottle feeding.

We work in with our neighbour and have the use of one of her paddocks for the sheep rotation in return for a share of the meat. This works great as it reduces the work (mowing) for our neighbour and gives us more pasture and rotation options for our little herd.

We love having sheep as part of our system - new lambs in Spring are just wonderful. Overall they're such sweet animals, we cannot imagine our farm without them.