In 2012, we decided to add pigs to our system. The reason was two-fold - we had an excess of milk at certain times of the year and, we like bacon, which due to a lack of true free-range options, was not something we had eaten in a long time!

Unlike the other animals we keep, we do not breed pigs on the farm. We did not want the hassle of keeping a boar, or deal with alarge volume of piglets far in excess of our needs. Pigs are also very hard on the paddocks, so, instead, our pigs are intermittent, short-term visitors to the farm that have a great time whilst they are here.

We buy weaned, 3 month old piglets that have been ethically raised, and grow them out for approximately 6 months before they head to the freezer. They're fed on cows milk, manufactured pig feed and forage from their large paddock.

Pigs are very hard on their environment, so we then rest the paddock for 2 years or so before we have pigs on it again.