At Hoddles Creek Farm we breed the beautiful Welsummer - they are a light-weight breed and lay a brown egg averaging 60g. Our chickens are fed on free range whole grains, open pasture and ricotta made from excess milk produced here on the farm.

John had wanted to work with Welsummers for many years and once we moved to Hoddles Creek in 2002, he set about sourcing some breeding stock. As, at the time, they were considered an endangered breed John didn’t have a lot of luck finding quality stock and so begun in 2003 with average stock. He has since been refining and developing our Welsummer lines with the resulting beautiful colour and characteristics that are the hallmarks of this breed. We think they are the perfect “farmhouse” chicken - they look wonderful wandering around the yard of our old homestead.

In 2007 John began experimenting with the development of a Silver Duckwing Welsummer and has been intensively working on breeding the characteristics by initially crossing Welsummer with Silver Grey Dorking. 2013 marked his 8th generation of Silver Duckwing Welsummers though he is still working towards the perfect specimen.

John’s prize-winning Welsummers are sought after by breeders and people who wish to buy “start up” sets and layers for their own home. We love that people are invested in the fact that they are buying a rare breed, and that by doing so they are helping to keep them in existence along with helping the breeder with the cost of producing them.

John’s Welsummers are cover-girls and were featured in Australasian Poultry magazine in 2013 and he attends several shows each year.

Each year we have a select number of chickens available for sale, and there is generally a waitlist each year for the new birds.Please contact us if you'd like to find out more information, or want to discuss whether this breed is the one for you.