Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Grass Roots Magazine June/July Issue

It's a pretty exciting month for us - our permaculture story is featured in the June/July issue of Grass Roots Magazine.

We've been on our farm for about 14 years now and this article is about what we do here and our Permaculture journey so far.

It was thrilling to get hold of a copy of the magazine yesterday so we had to take a photo of us with it to share (taken in the bee garden).

Here's a couple of pics from the shoot with Marcel where he was setting up for the pic that has ended up being my favourite from the article. He did a beautiful job with the photos :)

Not much is happening on the farm right now - Winter is upon us and we've had our first frost. We've been a bit late with putting our flower gardens to bed and we still need to mulch and prune in the next couple of weeks so they're ready to go in spring.

The greenhouse is getting quite a bit of use - I'm experimenting with tomatoes, chillies, capsicum and cucumbers in there to see whether we can obtain a harvest over the cold months.