Thursday, 21 April 2016

Morning Milking

John has been talking about getting some footage of milking Miss Jersey for years - we've just never gotten around to doing anything much about it. Sure we've taken the odd short clip here and there but the result usually makes me cringe in horror at my morning hair or the clothes I'm wearing (garden clogs and jeans are not fit for public consumption as far as I'm concerned - I reserve that horror for John alone).

So, anyway, we finally did it! There is no talking, but you can see our basic set up (I cannot stand listening to my voice saying the same things over and over when I'm editing video - I'd much rather listen to a backing track - it makes the process that much more bearable).

In this footage, Miss Jersey is nearing the end of her lactation and has a fairly small udder and not a huge milk flow. Today was actually my last day milking until she has her new calf. Conditions this year (dry, very little spring/summer/autumn grass, etc) have not really been all that great for keeping up enough of a milk supply when we've only been milking once a day. The extra 2 months rest will give Miss Jersey a good opportunity to put on some condition and grow her new calf.

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Have a good one!