Monday, 25 April 2016

Growing season productivity

Every year reviewing what has worked and what hasn't in the veggie garden is a constant process. I don't really keep formal records (I wish I was efficient enough to do so), but we learn more each season and get a little better at our timing.

This year was a strange one and presented it's own challenges as we seemed to jump right from Winter to Summer and had very little rain.

I struggled to germinate onions in early Winter, and after several rounds of sowing zucchini and cucumbers early Spring I had to resort to buying some organic seedlings to get them going.

I had serious issues with shield bugs on my bottling tomatoes and it wasn't worth preserving anything at all. I have run a steady eradication campaign on these guys over the past month, so am hoping my problem with them are significantly less next year.

These self-seeded mini amish paste tomatoes are still going strong, though.

And I have never had a season like this one for pumpkins - it's been amazing! The total harvest will be just over 40 very big butternut pumpkins from 4 plants.

Another stellar performer has been the lettuce - they have been self-seeding all over the place and they are incredibly healthy. Volunteers = the best! I've been transplanting these guys wherever I've got space for them.

Some other standouts - probably due to the long, hot season have been the eggplants, chillies and capsicum. Everything else has done pretty well, but nothing out of the ordinary.