Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ben's Veggie Boxes

Our son, Ben, wanted to start a veggie garden project of his own, so we organised some old apple crates to be delivered to make a start on it in time for Spring planting.

 We decided on a location close to the entrance gate to the veggie garden so it's convenient for maintenance and harvesting. 
We lined the boxes and filled them with a mix of straw, manure and half-rotted compost - essentially forming a mini compost heap - they heated up enough to kill off any remaining seeds and we left it for around 2 months to settle.

The boxes were topped up with a soil/compost mix and gridded into 30cm squares - Ben is experimenting with both square foot gardening and planting using the biodynamic moon planting calendar.

The first plantings - lettuce, spinach, rocket, tomato and chillies.

We're used to growing our veggies growing in the ground so it will be an interesting experiment to see how they go in the boxes.