Monday, 25 May 2015

The Final Countdown

Miss Jersey has been on a holiday - taking a break and hanging out with the rest of the herd. She is due to calve in about 3 weeks, so it was time to bring her back close to the house.  She is looking great, and the break away gave her paddocks a good rest.

jersey cow

We'll spend the next 3 weeks bringing her into the milking barn to get some treats and a brush - just getting used to the routine of being handled daily again. This is her third calf and she knows the drill - I only have to set up the gates and call out for her to make her own way in to the barn

jersey cow going to milking barn
She goes right in and puts her head through the bale. Along with a brush we make sure to rub her legs and teats. Jerseys a professional and doesn't batt an eyelid.

jersey cow
helen and jersey cow

Also a good opportunity to find out if there's any issues. Jersey had a bit of a clagged up weepy eye, so I gave it a wash down with warm, salted water. Though she didn't love the experience, she put up with it and her eye is looking all clear again.

cleaning eye of jersey cow

We took the opportunity this year to change up Jersey's calving time from Summer to Winter so she was milked for an extra extended period last year and we wrapped the milking up earlier than usual so it's been a long break. Can't wait to have raw milk, cream, etc. again. I have gotten lazy though and am not looking forward to the early mornings.