Wednesday, 20 May 2015

May in the Garden

The garden feels so different from a few months ago when everything was pulsing with life, bees (and lots of other insects) buzzing everywhere, the garden beds bursting at the seams with produce and flowers, the colours, the smells - wonderful!

This time of year it is much quieter, less colour, though there's still a lot going on - today I took a wander around to have a closer look.

Potager: alpine strawberries, silverbeet, self-seeded blue borage, nasturtiums

alpine strawberries, silverbeet, self-seeded blue borage, nasturtiums
Vegetable Garden: chives, pea shoots, 2 year old kale, lettuce

chives, pea shoots, kale, lettuce

The vegetable garden still has pumpkins to harvest; brassica (kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), silver beet, broad beans, garlic which were planted during Autumn and are at a good size so that they keep growing through Winter for early Spring crops.

Not too much to do outside in the veg garden until Spring. Soon I'll be sowing trays of onions in the Potting Shed, spending hours looking at seeds catalogues........and hard to believe, but just a couple of months until I get a start on the tomato seedlings.