Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Old Cars

A few months ago John and I took a walk around the farm and made a (long) list of things that we wanted to get done before Winter.

One of them was to get rid of the old cars that littered the top bush block.

12 years ago when we moved in, they were embedded in the massive amount of blackberries that dominated this part of the farm, but as we've got the blackberries under control, the cars have emerged (4 of them!) a real eyesore and we wanted them gone but it has been in the too hard basket for years.

old car

The first step was finding someone who was willing to come out and pick them up (this can be a hassle in a rural area - no one wants to make the drive). We found a guy who was happy to come and get them and John spent the weekend dragging them out of the bush into the front paddock with the tractor.

junker cars

Over the past few days they've been disappearing. Time to cross "get rid of old skanky cars off the list!" Yay!