Sunday, 19 April 2015

Autumn Jobs

The first half of Autumn has been such a busy time in the veggie garden - the Summer crops have been harvested and (mostly) preserved the spent plants pulled out and composted.

We're a bit slow getting our garlic in - but this should be planted within the next two weeks.

The timing for late Winter/early Spring crops are something we've struggled with, but we get a little better each year. We have brassicas (cabbage, cauli, kale and broccoli), carrots, beetroot, silverbeet at a reasonable seedling size that they should be able to grow through Winter and produce some early crops for us. 

I'm experimenting with my composting and have two "hot" heaps on the go at the moment. The first one was started just over two weeks ago and has been going great and in the hot zone for the past 15 days.  The second was built last Thursday and though we have experienced some pretty cold weather and a lot of rain since then (almost 50mm), after having a day two temperature rise, it has dropped back down and is struggling to get to 20C - I'm not sure it's going to make it into the hot zone - we'll give it another week or so and see - it may need some tweaking. The main difference between the two is that Heap 2 has no lime or horse manure, (both have cow manure) but it does have feathers and more green material which I thought would balance out nitrogen component. Time will tell.