Monday, 23 February 2015

Tomato Harvest Time Begins

cherry tomatoes on vine

It's been a slow start to the tomatoes this year. For one thing, due to a serious bout of the flu, I was late getting my seeds started........three weeks late! For another, it's just been one of those seasons. Some years we have them by Christmas, others like this one do not really kick in until February.

We've been getting enough "eating" tomatoes for most of February, but in the last week production has really kicked up a notch and I am able to start preserving them.

Basket of Tomatoes
The harvest from this morning

How do I decide what to preserve? I just ask myself - "are we going to eat it?" That's it. No point in killing yourself prepping and preserving a whole heap of beautiful produce only to have it go to the compost at some later point.

Tomatoes are one of our biggest crops, we grow about 25-30 plants. This year we have approx. eight varieties with the majority being Amish Paste.

So, what do we make?

- Tomato Sauce (my daughter loves it and pretty much single handedly consumes it all)
- Tomato Salsa
- Pasta Sauce
- Bottled Tomatoes

Each year I reassess what we've used, what's left over, etc, etc, to try and get the balance right for the next. This year will be less bottled tomatoes, more of everything else.

This is just the start as the garden kicks into full harvest mode during March.