Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Sheep Paddock

We brought sheep into our system in 2013 - we decided on Dorpers for their meat quality and the fact that they don't have to be shorn - they shed their wool in Spring/Summer.

So far it's been a learning curve. Last spring was our first lambing season, one of the sheep had triplets, which though apparently not uncommon, surprised us. So, along with the single births we ended up with 6 lambs and 6 adults sharing the paddock which was too many for the space we had allotted.

We've spent the last 2 weekends sheep-proofing one of the milking cow paddocks near the house, adding extra posts between the old wonky wooden ones and wire to keep the sheep in. I had to drive John around on the back of the 4WD to ram the posts in as he cracked his ribs a few weeks ago and is still not able to lift above his head.

The herd has been reduced by 3 (2 lambs and one adult female into the freezer), we've left the ram and an old ewe in the old paddock to keep down the grass, and transferred the remaining 3 girls and 4 wethers into the new paddock - which was a short trailer ride from our neighbours. This will be the last stop for the wethers as they spend a few months fattening up before heading to the freezer.

They were pretty quick to jump out of the trailer - this is the most grass they've seen in a while. Happy days!