Sunday, 28 December 2014

New calves

About 9 months ago the bull got into the cows paddock on an unscheduled visit...........the result....


One was born about 2 weeks ago, the other surprised us on Christmas Eve.

Our neighbour spotted the cow giving birth in the paddock and let us know.

By the time we got to it the cow had not removed the membrane from the calves
mouth/face - they can suffocate if this isn't done in time.

We removed the membrane manually - it took the calf a bit of time
to breath freely - maybe 10 minutes.
The cow quickly got rid of the evidence.
We took the opportunity to tag and band. Calves are surprisingly strong
within about 24 hours and can be very hard to catch and hold so doing
this asap is important.

The other cows in the paddock finally noticed the new arrival and came
running over to inspect.