Friday, 12 December 2014

Garlic Harvest no. 1

One thing I have learnt......garlic multiplies.....over and over. But, you can never have enough garlic, right? OK, so you can, but luckily my kids all love it and take some away each time they visit helping me feel less like some strange garlic obsessed hoarder.....though, I so am.

We started out a two years ago with a mix of garlic from Diggers - 2 heads each of Italian Red, Early Purple and Early White - last year we dug them up a bit late, and as they weren't suitable to store we replanted most of them.

Last week we pulled up the Early Purple.

It's been drying on my custom made drying rack (which also moonlights as a bench seat) for the last 10 days.

3 more to go: Italian Red and Early White, which need to be pulled up now, and the Elephant Garlic, which is a variety we've had for a while - it's harvest time is still a few weeks off, I think.

The Italian Red hasn't performed well either year, so we won't bother replanting, the Early White does o.k., and the Early Red very well with good size bulbs for our soil PH (6.2-6.5). The Elephant (Russian) garlic is another winner.

Guess my curry is going to have a bulb or 10 of garlic tonight.