Monday, 24 November 2014

The Bees have Arrived!

We've talked about adding bees to our system on and off over the past 3 years, and after attending a few info sessions, we finally took the plunge this year and joined the local bee group, attended a hands-on workshop, ordered a NUC, and put our name down on the swarm list.

The NUC bees arrived about 4 weeks ago, settled in well and are busy working in the garden.

Two weeks after we bought home the NUC, we got a call to go pick up a swarm - these guys had already been around for a while as they'd made comb, so they had to be cut out of the bush in order to keep the comb intact and dropped into the brood box with a couple of frames either side.
Not a great pic, but here the bush is being clipped away around them. They were so placid throughout the whole operation.

Heading into the hive to join the rest of the bees.
We haven't opened the box yet, but they look like they're doing great - lots of activity going on.
I'm picking up a couple of deep supers this week in order to give both hives a bit more space as we head into summer.