Sunday, 2 November 2014

Garden, garden, garden

So much work has been happening on the garden front.

The new potager - stage one complete (well, planting still to go). This garden will be done in 4-5 stages and will include branch/stick structures - which I am going to love creating! Here's the one for beans/sweet peas which will help disguise an old tree stump. Next an arch!

Cutting Garden - I love having fresh flowers for the house, but hate taking them from the front flower year the raised bed in the veggie garden is having a trial run with half of it planted out as a dedicated (flower) cutting garden - if all goes well the whole bed will be converted to flowers for cutting including perennial and annual plantings.

More structures......this time bamboo.

A rare foggy morning last week the veggie garden
Veg. Garden - we are currently in transition between winter veggies and the new spring plantings about to burst into action. The ugly plastic "frame" is my attempt to give the corn seedling a bit of extra protection and warmth - seems to be working as they're powering along.