Friday, 19 July 2013

pork-fest continues

This week I feel as if I'm not actually doing something to process all our pork (packing it, freezing it, brining, smoking bacon, etc, etc, etc), I'm thinking about processing the pork.

Wednesday we made pork sausages with all the trimmings left over from creating the various cuts of pork. So, so many sausages! Fortunately we had help from some people who have a really good set up with industrial mincer, feeder, etc and we made over 200 sausages in about 20 minutes. O.k., well, John and I watched the others make them.

Here's about half of them ready to hang in the fridge overnight to set up:

I also made up some chorizo sausage, I had to excavate the old kenwood mincer/sausage feeder to get these done.

The lard pastry experiment worked great and made a very nice pie crust.

John's been working on annexing in the lemon/orange/lemonade trees and the extra raised garden bed we created last year:

Back to smoking my bacon!